ACCELOTHENE® benefits are extraordinary !

ACCELOTHENE® saves money !

• Reduces cycle time and therefore increases capacity

• Saves energy

ACCELOTHENE® is easy to integrate into existing production facilities and make the products even better.

• Improves mechanical properties

• Reduces warping

• Improves melt flow properties

ACCELOTHENE® permits to design innovative new applications without negative impact on the quality of the end product.

• Reduces mold-in stress

• Allows the use of more complex molds

• Reduces rejection rate

ACCELOTHENE® is made of pure polyolefins and acts in a solely physical way.


Plastic Box Application Example

This plastic box was produced with 5% ACCELOTHENE®.
Resulting in 20% cycle time reduction and 25% output increase.


ACCELOTHENE® is successfully launched in the European market.