Facts about ACCELOTHENE®

By adding ACCELOTHENE®, the flow properties improve significantly; this makes it possible to operate at lower melt temperatures. Therefore, cooling time can be significantly reduced.


Comparision HDPE (MFR 8) vs. + 5% ACCELOTHENE®

The red print shows the in-mold pressure using standard MFR 8 HDPE material to fill the mold by an injection molding process. At around 5 seconds the mold is filled up and the dwell pressure starts. The green print shows the same MFR 8 material but with 5% ACCELOTHENE® added. The injection is 0.7 seconds faster.
By using the same temperature ACCELOTHENE® allows to fill up molds with thin walls or long flow paths, so it is possible to use more complex molds.
Due to the Polyolefin GEL Technology, the molded part has a better stability and the mold can be opened at higher temperatures. Again cooling time can be significantly reduced.