Why you should use AVALESCO® coating!

  • To be the first to commercialize a coated paper that is 100% recyclable and that prevents efficiently the migration of mineral oils.
  • AVALESCO® is made from 100% renewable resources, starch and plasticizers being its main ingredients.

  • The use of fossil based plastics for single, short time applications is increasingly criticized. AVALESCO® can replace fossil based polymers for applications such as coated paper board.

  • It can be  composted or in conjunction with paper, paperboard or cardboard it can be receycled even with a positiv impact on the recycling process.

  • The benefits of starch have been known to mankind for a long time and numerous applications in the paper and textile instustries are known.

  • AVALESCO® is 100% renewable unlike other BioPlastics it contains no fossil based material.

  • AVALESCO® is easily compostable unlike some other coated paper board it is not only disintegrated but truly converted by microorganisms.
  • The coating of AVALESCO® is possible with standard processes and do not need any new or substantial equipment.



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